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When your vehicle is due for an oil change, you can trust the technicians at Team Automotive Center to make sure your auto receives the care it deserves. Our automotive specialists can tell you the specifications on oil change intervals for your vehicle.
The old advice to change your oil every 3000-4000 miles is no longer accurate. At Team Automotive Center, your car or light truck will receive the manufacturer’s recommendation for servicing the vehicle, and the type and amount of replacement oil or synthetic oil.
Changing the oil will help your car’s engine run more efficiently and last longer. As the oil in your engine is heated it begins to break down and lose viscosity which means there is less lubrication and more friction. Old oil also picks up sludge and debris which can damage the internal mechanisms in the engine.
Having regular oil changes will save wear and tear on your auto, help keep your engine clean, and even improve your gas mileage. If you are unsure of your vehicle needs contact our experts for more information. (714.523.9073 )

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