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You can depend on Team Automotive Center to help you find the best tires for your vehicle at great prices! Our experienced technicians will help you choose the best tires and wheels for your auto, the weather, and the way you drive.
Our full-service wheel and tire shop has a range of choices for every budget. While the technicians service your tires, they will also check the brakes and suspension systems for safety and needed repairs.
Your vehicle is only as safe as your tires. If the tires are worn, it can be a dangerous situation. Any tire with signs of excessive wear should be replaced. A vehicle with worn or damaged tires is not only a hazard in case of a blowout, but it also reduces efficiency, costing more in fuel.
We can help you with all of your tire and wheel needs with our Installation Packages. Call today for more information ( ).
All of our Tire Installation Packages includes

Mounting and balancing for four tires

New valve stems

Free disposal of old tires

Free lifetime tire rotation

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